1965 Williams Lucky Strike coin door refurbishment

The coin door on this Lucky Strike was in a sorry state, so it was removed from the machine and stripped.

All components were refurbished, the coin door and surround were re-finished. The door assembly was re-assembled with a new coin entry label and a new lock. The original Williams decals were retained.

The door was then re-installed in the game.


Williams score reel overhaul

Many game faults can be attributed to score reel problems, particularly game reset faults – if the score reels don’t zero correctly at reset, the game will keep trying to reset and the score reels and score motor will turn continuously. By giving the score reels a thorough overhaul and ensuring the zero position switches¬† and the 9th position switch (the switch that tells the next decade score reel to advance) are working correctly, the game will be able to reset and keep score properly.

Score reels are stripped, components are cleaned, coil sleeves are replaced, switches are cleaned and adjusted, a light coat of Superlube is applied to the circuit board, plastic score reels are cleaned, each assembly is checked and installed. Final checks will be done when backbox is refitted.

1966 Gottlieb Subway


This is the Add- a- Ball version of Cross Town, it is a hard game to find, even though more Subways were made than the replay version Cross Town, few were exported to the UK.


When I acquired the game it was in a sorry state, but well worth restoring. Approximately 180 hours of work went into Subway, including structural repairs to the cabinet.

The playfield was stripped down, cleaned, artwork retouched and clearcoated.

Flippers, bumpers and kickers were all rebuilt using new components as necessary.

The motorboard was removed, stripped and the score motor, relays and switches were overhauled.

The backbox insert was removed and all score reels were rebuilt, relays, switches, connectors were overhauled.

The game requires a cabinet repaint and the chrome replating to complete a rare and addictive game, I expect the new owner will undertake this in the near future.




Depending on your requirements, a machine can be restored mechanically and cosmetically.