Gottlieb Square Head

Servicing – Repair – Restoration



This would typically include a playfield clean and wax, replacing rubbers and burnt out lamps.  Minor adjustments to components such as flipper switches, bumper switches, playfield scoring features.



Often a game will play, but be slow and unresponsive, this generally means flipper, bumper and kicker assemblies are worn and need rebuilding. Sluggish score reels can cause the game to have issues when resetting and usually need to be overhauled. Relay switches are often out of adjustment and can cause many problems.



If the game is in good condition cosmetically, I would recommend a mechanical overhaul, this would include playfield stripdown, clean, polish and wax, replacement of all lamps and rubbers, new ball, overhaul of flippers, bumpers and kickers, score reel and stepper unit rebuild, relays cleaned, switches adjusted.

Depending on budget, it is possible to replate chrome and nickle plated components, some reproduction backglasses are available, cabinets can be repainted, these options are, however, expensive.


I currently offer workshop based services